Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Koukaki is 5th in Airbnb's "16 neighbourhoods to travel to in 2016" list!

Athens central Koukaki neighbourhood is among Airbnb's "16 neighbourhoods to travel to in 2016".

The firm analysed the travel patterns of more than 40 million guests in 2015 and selected neighbourhoods in cities that have gained momentum in the past year.

Areas in Asian countries came top of the list, led by Chuo-ku in Osaka, Japan, known for its historic castle and street food.

The research also found that Airbnb guests are among the more adventurous in the travel sphere.

“Not only does this boost business to local coffee shops and small businesses that haven’t benefited from tourism in the past, it also helps people to experience cities through a true local lens,” said Chip Conley, head of hospitality at Airbnb.

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